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Food Aid

Hope Ithembelani Trust offers food aid to vulnerable children and families, striving to end hunger and giving them healthier lives and living conditions. Our food aid seeks to attend to the immediate and long term needs of everyone in need including:
  • Children in school - to encourage and improve their participation, which improves their education
  • Patients in hospitals - to complement their nutritional needs and aid their speedy recovery
  • People in Crisis - in order to cope with daily survival needs and to remain hopeful for a better future, victims of disasters, abuse and other crises will need good meals. We play a role in this.
Beyond immediate food aid, we offer mentorship and empowerment programmes for adults in the communities we work in, educating and encouraging them to grow food for their families. We think that training and empowerment is an effective jumpstart which can yield a complete turnaround, allowing them to break away from poverty and become self-sufficient in the long-term.


Putting the great Nelson Mandela's word forward, we believe education is a major tool in doing away with poverty. We have funding programmes targeting the education of kids, school uniforms, writing and text books, school fees and other things, so that they pursue their education in a dignified way similar to other children today. Getting them educated will give them not only the hope, but ability to pursue their dreams. Giving this opportunity to every needy child will go a long way in stopping the poverty cycle, child marriages and other problems faced  by children living in poverty today

Disaster Relief

We provide humanitarian aid to victims of disaster, famine, epidemics etc. We focus on the most vulnerable people who do not have the capacity to self-recover. Normally when disaster strikes, people are left disturbed mentally and need counselling and therapy, they need food, shelter, medical support and more. 
At HIT Trust, we believe that not only immediate support is needed since the effects of a disaster are long-lasting and bear even more problems in future. Our team always volunteers to be on the ground whenever disaster strikes in areas that are in our reach.

Economic Empowerment

We aim to improve the living conditions of orphans and widows by creating sustainable livelihood sources. We believe any work towards eradicating poverty can bring life-long changes in disadvantaged communities by solving such issues as hunger, disaster preparedness, child marriages, education, and more.
Poverty deprives people of access to the basic necessities and understandings of life, hence dealing with it by empowering community members with skills and capital towards income-generating projects is our major goal.

Psychosocial Support

We provide a safe space for community members to come together share their experiences, learnings and gain emotional support when going through difficult times. From our interaction with victims of various crises, we understand that it is important that affected people are supported to come to terms with their experiences. We've noticed that people have traumatic reactions during group sessions. It can be tough for them to speak up about their feelings at times, indicating the need for individual counselling.


26 Lundi Road,
Lundi Park, Gweru

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Hope Ithembalani Tariro Trust is registered under the Zimbabwean Ministry of Public Services, Labor and Social Welfare section 5.2 as a (PVO) private voluntary organization